Game designer, Playing to Win author, and Gamasutra contributor David Sirlin, best known for his balancing contributions to Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, is now taking preorders for Yomi, a competitive card game meant to simulate a fighting game.

Yomi offers 10 playable characters, each with their own deck (doubling as a deck of playing cards), abilities, and fighting styles. Sirlin says the game "tests your ability to predict how your opponents will act and your ability to judge the relative value of cards from one situation to the next. "

The game will be available with a variety of options, including five $25 packs that provide two decks, and a $100 Complete First Edition set that has all 10 decks, 10 copies of quick rules, two playmats with different art and integrated life counters, and sets of red and blue glass beads to track life totals.

He's even selling a cheap $15 "Full Game Print-and-play" kit, giving buyers PDFs for all 10 Yomi decks and the rulebook. Players are encouraged to print and cut out the cards, then stick them in plastic card sleeves with another CCG card (e.g. Magic: The Gathering) for extra thickness.

It's not clear when the $25 packs will begin shipping, but Sirlin will send out orders for Yomi's Complete First Edition in January. Those who buy the "Full Game Print-and-play" set will receive the PDFs immediately -- the kit will also be given for free with Complete First Edition reservations.

[Via Joystiq]