Steam Birds, the addictive turn-based strategy game, is now available for iOS devices thanks to Semi Secret Software (Canabalt, Gravity Hook), which has added new artwork, music, the ability to share progress between devices, and touch controls to the dog-fighting title.

Originally released as a Flash title by Spry Fox and Radial Games, Steam Birds features 20 missions in which players use bombs, missiles, and poison gas to take down eight different steam-powered enemy aircraft. Gamers input orders for their planes and try to build up combos against the enemy.

You can download Steam Birds on your iPhone/iPod Touch for $0.99 or on your iPad for $1.99 -- though it runs fine on older devices, the game has "the smoothest animations and the most special effects" on newer models. The iPad edition currently has a bug that prevents audio from playing, but Semi Secret has already sent an updated build to Apple.