Petri Purho, developer of IGF 2008 grand prize winner Crayon Physics Deluxe, has released a fun action-RPG for PC/Mac called Maze of Space. The story is that you're supposedly trapped on a space station, but for some reason there are skeletons, orcs, and sheep wandering around.

The first think you'll notice about Maze of Space is its unique art style, which Purho says was inspired by the paintings of Tubbypaws and is designed to render pixels to look like they're painted on wood grain.

The game's controls are simple: use the arrow key to move your character, hit CTRL or Z to fire your gun, hold down ALT or X to strafe, and push I for the inventory. Essentially, you're running around randomly generated stages, killing enemies, picking up loot/equipment, and trying to find the stairs to the next level.

You'll probably die often at first unless you quickly find some great equipment -- once I got a hold of a Laser Mini Gun and some choice equipment (a Knitted Hat of Thor for extra damage and comfy-ness), I was able to shoot my way to the last level, which features a surprising boss.

Maze of Space isn't without its flaws; the speed your character waddles around at can sometimes seem unbearable, a map to show unexplored areas would've been very useful, you pick up a lot of the same items, and there's nowhere to spend your money, but it's a fun way to waste an hour of your morning!