Just as interesting as Percussivo Mundo Novo's unique, "reinvented" percussion instruments are the Brazilian group's use of modified video game controllers, like PC joysticks, guitar controllers, Wii Remotes with Nunchuks, and more -- the band believes it is "mixing the ancient with the digital" with this combination.

Percussivo Mundo Novo's lead vocalist Mikael Mutti developed the digital portion of the ensemble, and says he developed this style over the course of 15 years while working and touring with artists like Carlinhos Brown, The Scorpions, Carlos Santana, and many others. The group's MySpace page explains its music:

"Using computer keyboards, video game controllers, electronic sensors, samplers and digital sequences, it is possible to reproduce with fidelity the most varied percussion instruments: Djembe, Brazilian Berimbau, Brazilian Pandeiro, Drums, Timbau, Surdo Virado or even a complete escola de samba. ...

Percussivo Mundo Novo is formed by musicians from Bahia´s artists new generation, that believe that through the music and art in general, they can build a new world, without losing the roots."

You can watch clips of Mutti demonstrating how he uses his guitar controller, and a great performance by the full band (starting around the two-minute mark) in the video embedded after the break: