It doesn't look look nearly as exciting or chaotic as Robot Wars, but Namco showed off a coin-op title called Robo Restle, (previously Robo-Basho) in which players control real robots and try to flip each other over, at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

It looks pretty simple at the moment, with its lack of environmental traps or alternate ways to attack each other, but apparently this is just a prototype version. Namco expects to update it software (to add a narrator and more) and release Robo Restle to arcades some time in 2011.

Plenty of other companies had new arcade machines to show off at IAAPA, which you can check out videos for at Arcade Heroes. After the break, I've embedded a clip for a new rail shooter called Sega Golden Gun, which was developed by Sega China and uses the House of the Dead 4 engine: