Mustache Mercenaries' concept is wacky enough to grab most people's attention: a social game in which historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Mary Shelley, and Harriet Tubman pilot giant, steam-powered robots battling enemies in turn-based combat.

Boston-based indie developer Macguffin Games thinks the idea is gold and has already launched a public beta on Facebook, releasing regular updates that add dueling with friends and more, but it's looking to raise funds in order to continue development.

The studio managed to release said it's raised money from family and friends to get this far, but it needs "more gas in the tank" to "get the game over the finish line". Its goal is to use the cash to get the game to a point where it can support the small company.

Macguffin hopes to raise $15,000 in the next 16 days, and it's already picked up almost $2,900 in pledges. Its offering incentives like postcards, stickers of game characters, exclusive in-game items, banana bread, robots named after contributors, and more.

You can check out Mustache Mercenaries and play it for free here. After the break, we've got a newly released video celebrating the social game's beta launch.