The heroes at MonkeyPaw Games have added two more classic PlayStation titles to PSN, Arc the Lad II ($5.99) and Arc Arena: Monster Tournament ($3.99), both of which were originally brought to North America in 2002 by Working Designs' Arc the Lad Collection.

MonkeyPaw and Working Designs' Victor Ireland previously brought Alundra and Arc the Lad to PSN last month. The first Arc the Lad is a decent enough title, but it's much shorter than its sequel (around 10 hours of gameplay compared to 50+) and is seen by many as inferior to the follow-up.

Quick descriptions for the two PS One Classic releases:

  • Arc the Lad II: "The story that began in Arc the Lad expands into the legend that is Arc the Lad II by following the adventures of the Hunter Elc. The highly-rated Strategy-RPG features bigger battles, more characters, harder bosses, a deep and compelling story, and brain-wasting strategy that come together in a way that made what many call one of the best Strategy RPG games ever made"
  • Arc Arena: Monster Tournament: "Trade items, weapons, and monsters from Arc the Lad II between other players as you battle each other in tournament matches."

Oh, and while you're downloading games on PSN today, don't forget to pick up Auditorium HD, Spelunker HD, and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX!