Who's That Flying!?, Mediatonic's PSP Minis project blending a side-scrolling shoot'em up with tower defense and courtroom drama/intrigue, is now available to purchase on PSN for $5.99. If you've played Mediatonic's last release, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, expect the same humorous approach!

In Who's That Flying!?, players control the Guardian of Earth, who uses his "hyper-powered laser arm" to fight hostile aliens. The Guardian, though, is accused of allowing Doom Beasts to invade Earth's cities, so he must defend himself against accusations of "gross incompetence" from the Galactic Council of Justice.

I'm unsure how the tower defense elements come into play, but Mediatonic says it's taken "the immediate jump-in-and-go feel from side-scrolling shooters and mixed that with some tower defence-style strategy (just enough to give it a twist)". You can check out more screenshots of the the shoot'em up bits after the break.

"We feel the result is a really interesting blend of mechanics and something we hope will appeal to the discerning tastes of minis players," says Mediatonic writer and producer Jim Griffiths. “We’ve also packed in as much drama and humour as we can, both in the cut-scenes and throughout the levels – we really like it when we can surprise our players and maybe make them smile."