As part of his PSP promotions in recent months, Marcus Rivers (played by Bobb'e J. Thompson of Role Models fame) has made sure to attack the smartphone games that have been eating into the handheld market, spotlighting fake games meant to represent some of the mobile platform's more vapid apps.

Be-Rad Entertainment, a new indie studio founded by former Crystal Dynamics programmer Bradley Johnson, actually took one of those parody games and turned it into a playable thing! Built on Unity, Lame Castle is available to play for free on your browser, and is also on Android (iPhone version coming soon).

It's actually a fun Canabalt/Robot Unicorn Attack-style title in which you control a knight on horseback, jumping over pits, boosting through haystacks, and attacking chickens/treasure boxes until you destroy "the evil wizard's lame castle" at the end of each stage.

You can play Lame Castle for free here. Make sure to also check out our sister site Gamasutra for an interview with Johnson about the game's development and decision to set up Be-Rad Entertainment.