After writing text adventure games for fifteen years now, Andrew Plotkin (The Dreamhold) is finally executing his "mad plan to become full-time interactive fiction designer", quitting his job at the end of December to work on several commercial and community projects.

He also intends to create a full-length adventure game for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (possibly for Android and Kindle in the future, too) called Hadean Lands. Plotkin hopes to inject "old-school puzzles, a modern-era storyline, [and] cutting-edge game design" into the $4.99 title.

His description for the planned "interactive alchemical interplanetary thriller":

"You're a half-trained alchemist, and your starship has just crashed. The ship's Dragons are offline; your air is leaking away into the void. Something's wrong with space, and maybe Time, and you don't know any alchemical rituals to fix *those*. You can barely light a phlogistical lantern. But you're going to have to make do."

To make this all happen, though, Plotkin would first like to raise at least $8,000 by December 6th. He's already breezed past his initial goal, and he's offering incentives like Hadean Lands copies, game credits, beta testing/source code access, and more to contributors.

You can learn more about Hadean Lands (play a teaser scene here), Plotkin's planned community projects, his previously released text adventures, and more at the developer's Kickstarter page.