If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, make sure to head to The Showpaper 42nd St. Gallery tomorrow night for the IGF @ Babycastles closing party, which will feature a guest appearance by Independent Games Festival chairman and the exhibit's curator Brandon Boyer.

Boyer helped bring several previous IGF winners and finalists to the indie games arcade, such as Pocketwatch Games' unreleased Monaco, Justin Smith's Enviro-Bear 2000, Cactus' Tuning, Team Meat's Super Meat Boy, Hello Games' Joe Danger, Loren Schmidt's Star Guard, and Ragtime Games' Continuity.

Chiptune artists Starscream, Neil Voss, and Knife City will provide musical entertainment for the night, and the show will also apparently feature a peculiar performance called "The Mega Beasts vs The Super Defense Force" by Mark Stilwell and Brian Olin:

"Citizens of Newtopia, the Mega Beasts are attacking our cities and threatening our way life! As we speak Roostaurus is carving out a path of destruction through the high rise urban dwellings and heading straight towards the heart of Newtopia's downtown financial center.

Fear not citizens, hope is not lost! The Super Defense Force has just dispatched two of earth's mightiest mechanized defenders, Gumbandar and Vorlan to protect our Newtopia!"

Doors open for the all-ages and free show tomorrow night at 7PM. You can see a few photos of the IGF setup at Babycastles here.