Following up Heavenly Symphony with another must-attend event, Babycastles has brought in Independent Games Festival Chairman Brandon Boyer to curate its next lineup of indie titles, which will debut with an opening party tomorrow night at Manhattan's Showpaper 42nd St Gallery.

The indie games arcade will feature seven previous IGF winners and finalists: Pocketwatch Games' unreleased but much anticipated Monaco, Justin Smith's Enviro-Bear 2000, Cactus' Tuning, Team Meat's Super Meat Boy, Hello Games' Joe Danger, Loren Schmidt's Star Guard, and Ragtime Games' Continuity.

Minusbaby, Notendo, and 000000swan will provide music and entertainment for the free, all-ages party, which opens at 7PM. It looks like there's will be another party on November 27th, too, which Boyer will appear at with performersStarscream, Neil Voss, and Knife City, so make sure to also mark that date!

[Via Minusbaby]