Examining the feature-length stories from the Gamasutra network, here's the top full-length features and blogs of the past two weeks (after once again skipping a week!) on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus the new pieces from educational site GameCareerGuide that debuted of recent.

We're continuing our new format that simply has basic links to the Gamasutra and GameCareerGuide features, but also points out the articles rounding up our Member Blogs and Expert Blogs sections on Gamasutra.

Here's the rundown for the last fourteen days:

- The last two weeks of notable Gamasutra features includes an Ernest Adams piece on joy in games, a Hydro Thunder Hurricane postmortem, interviews with El Shaddai's co-creator and Red Faction: Armageddon's art director, plus a piece on Forza 3 and 'predictable development'.

Also featured is Margaret Robertson on '5 Minutes Of Minecraft', as well as a detailed Team Ninja interview and Blitz on 'why your studio needs an R&D team, plus Aki Jarvinen on 'the state of social' in games, and NPD's September results.

- In the two most recent Gamasutra Expert Blogs round-ups, one focuses on the psychological factors in social games, 'value maximization' in games, and why music games have wide casual appeal -- and the other covers why StarCraft is like cooking, the implications of an international virtual currency, and successful game secrets.

- The latest two Gamasutra Member Blogs focus on firstly the cultural relevance of games, pre-release downloadable content, and an analysis of PC piracy - and secondly on cruelty in sandbox games, cinematic structure, and why the 'EA louse' is a symptom of miscommunication.

- Educational site GameCareerGuide's latest features include a narrative review of The Neverhoodlatest Game Design Challenge results and a new 'joy'-based Challenge, as well as a feature on episodic games and Killzone 2 narrative analysis.