European publisher 1C Company and Katauri Interactive (King's Bounty) uploaded this debut trailer for their first MMORPG project, Royal Quest, which won't release until the distant period of spring 2012.

The video shows off Royal Quest's very impressive monster designs: card-shuffling robots, undead orcs with swords embedded in their backs, ghouls breaking out of coffins, giant two-tailed rats, and other strange creatures.

By comparison, the actual player characters look pretty boring, even with their special attacks and Chocobo-like mounts. Why would I want to play one of those boring dudes when I could be a rat-mage with a pile of skulls on my back?

The action-oriented title will feature a universe blending magic/tecnology/alchemy, over 100 locations, a PvE modes focused on dungeon-delving and monster-hunting, PvP sections that allow you to fight against other players and capture/own castles, pets, and more.