You might have seen eBay seller VigilJeff for recently selling the original painting created used as the boxart for Digital Pictures' notorious Sega CD game Night Trap -- that auction ended at a surprisingly high $1,525!

He now has four new items up for grabs: pre-production Virtua Fighter statues for Sarah and Akira (sent to Sega's licensing department before they went into production), a Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon animation cell with a unique Dic TV frame, and a one-of-a-kind scroll (pictured).

The scroll was drawn by one of four Sonic Team members that flew into San Francisco to work on the American release of Nights into Dreams. Says the eBay seller, "[It] was so far behind schedule that [they] were brought in to save our butt and get this game released on time as already promised on national TV."

VigilJeff also shares this great story about the Sonic Team developers' dedication: "It was kinda funny because Sega leased the rooms at the Marriott, and these guys brought sleeping bags and slept in [their cubes at the office] the whole month and a half they were here."

He explains how the scroll came into his possession:

"Even though they spoke very little English and I spoke no Japanese, whenever they needed something, they would e-mail my department and I would get it up to them, so I got to be pretty good friends with them, especially one guy, and even if I could remember his name I couldn't pronounce it.

But anyways, at night or when he had time, he would be working on this scroll painting & drawing and writing. I don't even know what game the characters are from that one. I'm sure one of you gamers out there will know right off, or if someone can read Japanese the writing will tell you.

And the cool thing about all this, when I went to drop them off at SFO for [their] flight back home, I unloaded all [their] stuff onto two airport carts, the guy grabs this scroll out of one of his bags and hands it to me and in his best English says, 'Thank you for all your help. This [is] for you.'

I didn't know what to say, so I bowed my head to them and shook [their] hands and said have a safe flight and went back to work."

Apparently, there's a story behind the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon animation cell and its strange frame, too, but VigilJeff didn't have time to write it up and thinks people are sick of hearing about his Sega adventures. Not at all; I could read these stories all day!