Secret Base's Raymond Treo (Tobe's Vertical Adventure) alerted us to his newest title, a "retro, arcade-like zombie shooter" based on indie gaming video show Bytejacker. Of course, it's titled Bitejacker -- how could anyone pass up on such a perfectly appropriate title?

In the game, you can play as Bytejacker's affable host, Anthony Carboni, or the show's cameraman, Jon Rivera. As you fight hordes of zombies around Brooklyn, you pick up weapons, upgrade abilities, witness spoofs/parodies of classic horror movies and retro games, and meet characters from other indie titles.

The Singaporean indie developer says that Bitejacker is "almost completed" and will be available as a Flash title. You can keep an eye on this page for updates. There's also a desktop wallpaper you can grab for free at Bytejacker.