Along with its Famicom-inspired Scion and playable indie games, the upcoming Giant Robot-curated Pixel Pushers show will feature new pieces from Jude Buffum, the noted pixelartist we've featured many times before for his 8-bit Keyboard Cat, Masters of the Universe, and other pop culture pieces.

For his latest series, Buffum decided to explore "the carnivorous side of the world of video games", showing us the tasty portions and dinner potential of video game bosses, enemies, and allies. Hylian bacon from Ganon's shoulder! Mmmm.

"Though I myself eat meat, enough of my friends and loved ones are now vegetarians or vegans, so it’s something I’ve been experimenting with," says Buffum. "I suppose these pieces are a by-product of that exploration. That, and my long-time obsession with meat diagrams."

You can see more of the artist's planned pieces for the Pixel Pushers exhibit on his website. He's also selling limited edition giclee prints through his online shop.