After helping put on a number of marvelous gaming events in California -- Game Nights with Giant Robot, ArtXGame shows, and more -- video game culture shop Attract Mode has traveled across the country to team up with NYC's indie game arcade Baby Castles for a special show this Thursday.

Attract Mode's Adam Robezzoli and GSW contributor Matthew "Fort90" Hawkins have curated a "Heavenly Symphony" show featuring music by chiptune artists Nullsleep, George & Jonathan, and Zen Albatross, as well as art by Cory Schmitz (EXP, Controller), Mare Odomo (Letters To An Absent Father), and others.

Heavenly Symphony will also have several ArtXGame collaboration projects available to play from Hellen Jo and Derek Yu (Spelunky), Saelee Oh and Anna Anthropy (Mighty Jill Off), Souther Salazar and Petri Purho (Crayon Physics), Deth P. Sun and Cactus (Norrland), and J. Otto Siebold and Kyle Pulver (Snapshot).

The event will take place on November 4th at Babycastles' Manhattan location (Showpaper 42nd St Gallery, 217 E. 42nd St.). You can see the full flyer for Heavenly Symphony after the break.