Along with the Attractmode X Babycastles gala in NYC, the other video game event you need to attend tonight if you're in the area is 8-Bit Calavera, an NES cartridge/Dia De Los Muertos art show installation put on by the Autumn Society at Portland's Ground Kontrol bar/arcade.

8-Bit Calavera features 40 NES cartridges painted with skull designs by dozens of talented artists. Each of the carts will come together and act as pixels for a larger skull design. I'm not sure how long the installation will be on display, but it premieres tonight at Ground Kontrol!

You can check out my favorites of the NES skulls after the break. The above is by Julianna Lose, who decorated a The Adventures of Bayou Billy cartridge for her work.

Collin David:

Paul Palcko:

Jim Bradshaw:

Nick Jennings:

Glen Brogan:

Evan Lopez: