If you're dissatisfied with the lack of lightguns modeled after real firearms, import shop NCSX is now selling a product that lets you convert replica airsoft guns for video game use. I'm unsure how this accessory works, but apparently all you need to do is mount this Target Box on the airsoft gun of your choice.

Target Box supports GunCon2-compatible games, PC, and Xbox -- you can check out a list of MAME and Flash titles that will work with the accessory here. It's designed to work with various kinds of screens (LED, LCD, Plasma, Projector, and CRT) and various screen sized (14" to 120"), and it also has an auto-fire function.

It's a bit expensive, though, as you'll need to pay $48.90 before shipping, and you'll also have to supply your own airsoft gun. If you end up buying one, let us know how it works. Also, make sure to send us photos of your ruined TV screen when you accidentally forget to remove the pellets from your gun and shoot your display.