During his "Intoxication of Mythology" talk about the game at last weeks' Fantastic Arcade festival in Austin, Craig "Superbrothers" Adams showed off some beautiful new footage of Sword & Sworcery EP, his collaboration with Capybara Games (gameplay begins around the 4:15 mark in the above video).

You'll not only hear some new music in the clip (from Jim Guthrie), you'll also see a new area and a bit of combat. The rest of the presentation is worth watching, too, as Adams also talks about his ideas of "Input/Out Cinema" and how his initial idea for this game collaboration was called Poopsock.

You can see the second half of the presentation, which was shot by Wiley Wiggins and Brandon Boyer, about Adams and Capybara's journey creating Sword & Sworcery EP after the break. If you watch until the end of it, you'll see a preview of Jim Guthrie's in-game concert that occurs during "the dark moon".