In two weeks, Switzerland will host Shift, a four-day electronic arts festival featuring workshops, exhibitions, love shows and DJ sets, "headphone concerts", screenings, lectures, and a retro game lounge, all around this year's theme of "Lost and Found; Rediscover, Reinterpret."

The festival's site explains, "For this year's edition of the Shift Festival, the focus is on independent views of the past, on the meandering histories of all that scrapes by, obscure and obsolete, on the margins of the allegedly linear history of events."

Shift 2010 will offer chiptune acts, indie games (Das Adventure Game), a lecture on "lost & found in virtual realms", and more. The Retro Game Lounge will feature "Computer Games: A Testament To Advances In Computer Technology", an exhibit with optional guided tours presented by "The Computer Museum":

"The Computer Museum at Bäumlihof Grammar School Basel has focused since its inception on collecting and maintaining devices and consoles for computer games. One of its ruling principles is that it must be possible to play at least one game on each of its computers.

In the Retro Game Lounge, visitors old and young have a chance to experience once again the forgotten flair of outdated computer games. They can delve into the past by playing games on original equipment from Nintendo, Atari and Commodore, to name but a few, or by checking out copies of the oldest computer games – the so called Arcade Games – which are now available for modern PCs."

You can find more information about the Shift Electronic Festival, which will run from October 28 to 31, at the event's official site.