Danny 'DannyB' Baranowsky, who seems to be the go-to composer for indie games lately (see: Canabalt, Glorg, Steambirds, etc.), has released a 97-minute soundtrack to Team Meat's XBLA/WiiWare/PC platformer Super Meat Boy as a digital download -- a physical special edition will hit late next month.

You can steam them the album's 33 tracks for free on Baranowsky's BandCamp page, or download them all for just $3.99 (you can buy them individually like a chump for $0.99, too). As is typical for BandCamp, the songs are available as a 320k MP3, FLAC, or any other popular music format.

You can read more about the soundtrack in this interview with Baranowsky posted by our sister site IndieGames.com. Along with talking about creating music for Super Meat Boy's '90s-style commercial and his OverClocked ReMix background, he shares this story of others accusing him of cheating in the game:

"The night before launch I got a new Xbox and gave my old one to my brother. When it switched my stuff over, it erased all my scores but kept my level count. As a consequence, it was saying that I beat 307 levels in 68 seconds.

Next thing I know, I get all these people freaking out and screaming at me for cheating, telling me I'm going to get banned from my own game!

It's funny, because I would hit them back and tell them what was going on, and it would always inevitably lead to them saying, 'I love your game, I love your music! Can you tell me how to get the secret achievements?'"

Okay, that's enough Super Meat Boy posts for a while, I promise! You know, unless more interesting stuff about the game pops up.