Several notable figures gathered at "The Man Called 'The God of Games'", a gallery exhibit dedicated and Game Boy/Virtual Boy/Metroid creator Gunpei Yokoi, for a roundtable discussion about the former Nintendo engineer's contributions -- Electroplankton designer Toshio Iwai, Super Mario Bros. composer Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, and others shared their Yokoi stories.

Iwai, who also built the unique Tenori-On electronic music instrument, brought out a surprising item to show those attending the roundtable: SOund Fantasy, an unreleased and rarely seen SNES game that he designed and Yokoi produced.

Sound Fantasy used the SNES mouse, which we eventually saw packed in with Mario Paint, for a series of music creation minigames. 1UP, which was at the roundtable, described the music minigame collection:

"The four minigames that comprise Sound Fantasy all revolve around musical insects. There's 'Pix Quartet,' where four bugs wander around the screen and create music based on a player created environment; 'Beat Hopper,' which features a grasshopper on a pogo stick jumping from platform to platform in a style very similar to Xbox Live Indie Game Artoon; 'Ice Sweeper,' a Breakout clone; and 'Star Fly,' a freeform music creator where players lay down stars in the sky rather than notes on a chart. Many of these gameplay elements were later used in Iwai's PC game, SimTunes."

You can read more about the roundtable and see photos from the exhibit here.