Yes, another Independent Games Festival entry! We have nearly 400 entries from the indie game competition, many of them from well-known game designers and up-and-coming studios, so get used to seeing a lot more of these!

Developed by Untame Games (Bubblooba Online), Rope Racket is a puzzler in which you must stop all of the moving wheels on the screen with a rope pulled by a parrot. The first few stages are easy enough, but the challenge comes from the limited rope length, multiple ropes, bats, fireballs, moving wheels, and more.

And if those obstacles aren't enough, the game sends floating knives to stab your parrot or cut the rope, which forces you to restart the level and takes away one of your lives. Even more devious, at one point, I saw knives attached to the wheels, threatening to slash the rope if you didn't plan its exact placement.

You can play a beta version of Rope Racket ("actual beta, not internet beta") online. Untame plans to add more backgrounds, music, enemies, rope features, levels, and more. It also intends to overhaul the UI, offer a walkthrough and level tips, and port the puzzler to other platforms.