Earlier this year, indie publisher Rockin' Android worked with Sony Online Entertainment to bring three doujin shoot'em ups to PlayStation Network: Gundemonium Recollection, GunDeadLiGne, and Hitogata Happa. Now it looks like the two companies are releasing three more titles to the service!

The ESRB recently put up listings for three Japanese titles that Rockin’ Android has the rights for: ClassiC-Shikoukairo's 2006 action game Crescent Pale Mist (pictured), and Shindenken's Geometry Wars-esque arena shooter Qlione and Qlione 2 (previously known as Qualia in Japan).

Rockin' Android previously localized and released the first Qlione for PC, which you can buy for $9.99 from Direct2Drive and GamersGate. You can also download a Japanese single-stage demo for Crescent Pale Mist here. I've embedded trailers and ESRB descriptions for the games below.

Crescent Pale Mist:

"This is a side-scrolling adventure game in which players help a young witch named Yonou traverse another dimension to uncover the source of a magical mist. Players run and jump between the background and foreground of each level while using sword and laser attacks to slash at fantastical monsters (e.g., dragons, zombies, bat-like creatures, 'living armor' suits). Some battles are fast-paced and frenetic; defeated enemies generally disappear in explosive bursts of colorful light."

Qlione 1:

"This is an arcade-style strategy game in which players guide a small geometric-shaped creature through neon grids with various floating hazards. Players arrange orbs to disperse enemy units while dodging projectiles and avoiding collisions."

[Via Siliconera]