Chiptune rock group Anamanaguchi have popped up in so many places lately: PAX concerts (along with their own regular shows), Bit.Trip Runner, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. Now the band will even have a song available on the Rock Band Network!

RockGamer Studios, a company specializing in adapting songs for Harmonix's music game, announced that it will release a playable version of Anamanaguchi's NES/rock single "Airbrushed" shortly after Rock Band Network 2.0 releases -- which unfortunately isn't slated to happen until the end of Q1 2011.

"Airbrushed" will take advantage of RBN 2.0's feature set, though, allowing gamers to use the new Rock Band 3 keyboards to play the song's chiptune sections. The standard guitar, bass, and drums (and optional pro drums) will be supported, too, of course.

If you've never heard "Airbrushed", I've embedded a live, somewhat acoustic performance above. You can download the track and several other releases from the "Summer 2010 Singles" for free here -- just hit the previous button three times to get to the original version.