Matt Gilgenbach of 24 Caret Games, developer of Independent Games Festival 2009 finalist and PSN's upcoming time-manipulating shmup/rhythm game Retro/Grade, submitted another project for the IGF competition this year: A Mobius Proposal, a co-op puzzle platformer.

Entering Mobius Proposal into the IGF was secondary, though, as Gilgenbach created the game as a way to propose to his girlfriend, Joanne, when they played it together and reached the ending:

Players are on opposite sides of a Mobius band, and they must work together in order to overcome obstacles. I incorporated the proposal in the game by displaying a fake low battery message and hiding the ring inside the battery pack of the controller.

I used a registry hack to turn the light on my web cam off and asked her to get me a glass of water, so I could record her reaction without her knowing.

I usually find these indie/hacked video game marriage proposals unbearably corny, but this is pretty cute! Also, the game actually looks fun, though I'm not sure I'd want to marry any of my friend after beating Mobius Proposal with them.

Congrats, Matt!