UFO On Tape, Nicolai Troshinsky's neat no-button game that we featured just last month, is now available to play on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, so you can capture footage of aliens flying over your city on the go now!

As with the original PC game, the iOS game has you trying to keep the in-game camera's focus on a UFO in the distance. Instead of using a mouse to direct the camera, UFO On Tape takes advantage of its devices' gyroscope/accelerometer for its controls.

The game was already immersive before with its ambient sounds and use of photo-realistic images, but this version really makes you feel like the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad your holding is the video camera, and that UFOs are really in the area harassing the local livestock and abducting your neighbors.

Revolutionary Concepts (Banzai Rabbit, Karate Champ), which helped port the title for the App Store, added leaderboards via GameCenter, a hysterical, off-screen girlfriend who comments on your camera work, and more. You can grab UFO on Tape for just $0.99 here.