Radiangames, developer of JoyJoy, CrossFire, and Inferno, has just put out a new title called Fluid on Xbox Live Indie Games, but this one focuses less on shooting like previous titles and instead has players collecting dots as fast as possible while avoiding swarms of killer jellyfish.

To complete Fluid's 30 stages plus "five extreme levels", you'll need to collect powerpills (which have a Pac-Man-esque effect, allowing you to eat up those jellyfish), vortices, speed pads. Really, each stage is like a puzzle in which you need to figure out ahead of time the best way to run through the environment.

You can purchase Fluid right now for 80 MS Points (or download a free trial) at the Xbox live Marketplace. As for what Radiangames is working on next, the studio is planning to put out a new title called Fireball and a sequel to Crossfire -- it's just not sure about the order those two will release in yet.