Nat Marco (Honeyslug) and Richard Hogg, who we last featured here for their stylish Gamma IV winner Poto & Cabenga, have collaborated on another project called Hohokum for the past year. They finally showed off the title at Eurogamer Expo a couple weekends ago, and posted this gameplay test footage recently.

From what I can tell, you play as some sort of flying, worm-like creature in Hohokum, awakened by an unknown army attacking the village above you. You'll need to save the tribe by flying to them, scooping them up onto your rainbow tail, and delivering them to safety at a drop-off point, all while making sure the explosions around you don't hurt them.

While the pair were able to show off a playable demo at Eurogamer Expo, Hogg says it was still an early build and "a long way from being published". Expect the two to announce planned platforms for Hohokum and a release date when the game's development is closer to completion. In the meantime, here's a Hohokum wallpaper!