Swedish indie developer Grapefrukt finally found a sponsor for its streamlined, one-button RPG Glorg that was created as a submission for GAMMA IV's showcase in March, and the Flash game is now available to play for free online at Armor Games (if that link doesn't work, try it here).

In the game, you walk around randomly generated dungeons, gather loot, hit enemies, and block attacks with a single mouseclick. It's all very approachable, and the cheery music (by DannyB), colorful artwork, and playful items really come together to make this simple experience addictive, pushing you to see what enemies or items you'll find next.

My only issue with Glorg with the checkpoint system -- you need to save up a lot of loot to buy teleporters that will let you start over at a harder dungeon if you die, and you don't get to keep your equipment! Bah!