We haven't seen much of Masaya Matsuura's charity project WINtA since it last appeared at NLGD Festival of Games 2010 in June with some music from soul legend Marvin Gaye, but Martin De Ronde of non-profit publisher OneBigGame brought it out today for an iPad demonstration!

WINtA ("War is Not The Answer"), which is being developed by Triangle Studios Studios and PaRappa the Rapper creator Matssura, is a music game in which players tap along to the lyrics and not to the beat like traditional rhythm titles.

According to TUAW, the game will be free when it releases this winter (for iPhone), but users will be able to purchase downloadable tracks inside the app. Triangle Studios intends to also release an editor to create songs that are playable as WINtA levels. The game will feature Plus+ integration for leaderboards and challenges, too.

WINtA's iPad edition, which will release at a later date, will have support for ambidextrous controls (people will be even able to play with both hands at the same time), same-screen multiplayer, and a special song editor for importing/creating tracks.