Examining the feature-length stories from the Gamasutra network, here's the top full-length features and blogs of the past two weeks (after once again skipping a week!) on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus the new pieces from educational site GameCareerGuide that debuted of recent.

We're continuing our new format that simply has basic links to the Gamasutra and GameCareerGuide features, but also points out the articles rounding up our Member Blogs and Expert Blogs sections on Gamasutra.

Here's the rundown for the last fourteen days:

- The last two weeks of notable Gamasutra features includes a number of notable pieces, including interviews with Grasshopper exec and ex-Silent Hill supremo Akira Yamaoka, with Medal Of Honor's Greg Goodrich, with Fable III's lead designer, and with the folks behind the Lego MMO.

Also in there are the Finger Physics developers on their success, a retrospective of indie studio The Voxel Agents, a much-discussed Ian Bogost piece on Medal Of Honor, plus Sheri Graner Ray on tutorials and Tale Of Tales' Michael Samyn on linearity.

- In the two most recent Gamasutra Expert Blogs round-ups, one focuses on the design resources in Nintendo Power, design tips, and why the Xbox Live Indie service is broken -- and the other covers difficulty curves, the return of the 8-bit aesthetic, and the essentials of good marketing.

- The latest two Gamasutra Member Blogs focus on firstly how games affect our attention, a look at classic game castles, and why Mafia II needed more sexual content - and secondly the suspension of disbelief, Scrum development, and the pros and cons of in-game ads.

- Educational site GameCareerGuide's latest features including a Renegade Kid interview, a piece on poker AI published alongside a more advanced Gamasutra feature, the latest Game Design Challenge results and new Challenge, plus a Shadow Of The Colossus design analysis.