Microsoft Game Studios has posted its Fable III launch trailer/U.S. commercial, and it's an impressive, slow-motion production full of revolutionary scenes set to The Black Angels' provocative track "Young Men Dead".

The first half of the upcoming action RPG, in case you haven't been following details about the game, has you organizing a revolution and eventually overthrowing Albion's tyrannical king Logan. In the second half, you take over the throne but must work to keep it.

Anyway, this commercial is much classier than Fable III's "Fart-A-Friend" interactive ad at GameStop, which lets you upload photos of your friends and have a character from the game virtually pass gas on their face.

Developer Lionhead Studios and MGS will ship Fable III for Xbox 360 on October 26 in North America (October 29 in Europe). The PC edition will be released some time later this year.

[Via CVG]