Not at all related to the recent rise in anonymously posted game industry tell-alls trashing BioWare Mythic, Valve, and now RPS, an alleged employee at Epic Games writing under the name "Anonymouse" has posted his/her own scathing remarks about the Gears of War developer's decline.

In his/her blog titled "The Truth about Epic Megagames", Anonymouse blames many of the discrepancies in Gears of War's story details to design director Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski's addiction to Hostess Fruit Pies -- a habit that the whistleblower says is "ruining his life":

"Why did [the Coalition of Ordered Governments] not allow women to fight even though it would take embryos 12 years to be fightin' fit and it makes more sense in the short term to have as many soldiers as possible on the front lines? Not because of any chauvinism or lack of foresight, but strictly because the dude running the show was eating upwards of 20 lemon flavored Hostess Fruit Pies EVERY DAY while both Gears of War and GOW 2 were in development.

Why the sudden appearance of ladies in GOW3? It's not a reaction to HALO: Reach, or fan demand, it's just because the dude's brain is wired differently since he switched to Cherry Flavor Hostess Fruit Pies. I just can't keep quiet about working under these conditions any more though. It's like, who knows what will happen to this company if he gets back on the Apple flavor kick again and suddenly decides to re-make Jazz Jackrabbit?"

You can read the damning and spot-on post here. As for Mr. Blezinski's response? "I hang my head in shame, for it is largely true."

[Via GamerTell]