Gaijin Games has released the first game from its fabulous music-based Bit.Trip series on WiiWare, Bit.Trip Beat, on the App Store, allowing more people to get a taste of CommanderVideo's outer space adventures as he "soars through the cosmos and learns what it means to exist."

Available to play on iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch (3rd gen and higher), and iPad, Bit.Trip Beat brings together elements of Pong and rhythm gaming, challenging players to bounce back waves of blocks with their paddle. It sounds like a simple idea, but you'd be surprised by how difficult the game can be!

This iOS version has leaderboards and achievements (via Game Center), new downloadable levels that feature remixes from Gaijin's Bit.Trip Void game, cross-platform multiplayer co-op, and two control schemes -- tilt or touch. Grab Bit.Trip Beat right now while the game's on sale for $1.99!