"Oh, I get it now. It's a video game."

If you've ever wondered what the Asteroids arcade game would be like in real life -- not in outer space, where real asteroids exist, but in this gravity-constrained world you and I inhabit -- this video from last weekend's Night Games session at Indiecade will give you a clue.

It's a guy pushing around a cart and yelling "fire" while couples wearing vector outfits waltz around him. Whenever he scores a hit by pointing the cart at a couple, the two break apart. If one of the dancing couples runs into the cart, though, "Boom!"

Other Night Games played during the indie games event: Subtlemob, Humans Vs. Zombies, OutRun, and Game Designer Mafia/Werewolf. Expect Humanoid Asteroid to pop up again at San Francisco's Come Out & Play Weekend on October 22-24.