Spicy Pony, the mobile subsidiary of Alice: Madness Returns developer Spicy Horse, has created a sort of iPad spin-off for the company's flagship fairytale series. Titled Akaneiro ("Angry Red"), the release is "an interactive continuation" of the Little Red Riding Hood story set in feudal Japan.

From Akaneiro's product description:

"When Red, called Akaneiro, discovers a magic scroll she is pulled into the story of the Big Bad Wolf trying to trap her once again. Akaneiro provides a stylized continuation of the classic fairy tale in the form of an interactive multi-threaded story that offers mini-games, physics driven animation, and a stylized narrative."

Narrated by Laura Coughlin and written by Paul Robinson, Akaneiro offers 50 pages divided into four chapters, with 33 animations and 38 interactive objects scattered around the app. With those objects, players must "help Akaneiro find the truth about her mysterious path through five puzzles".

Akaneiro is available on the App Store right now for $3.99.

[Via Kotaku]