The Experimental Gameplay Project has wrapped up another month of collecting new indie games created in just seven days, this time with a "Neverending" theme. The winning submissions from this challenge will be featured at Babycastles' new indie games arcade in Times Square!

Indie developers entered 47 different games based on the Neverending theme. If you're not sure where to start, there's Loop Raccord, a creative release from UFO on Tape developer Nicolai Troshinsky, that has you splicing together video clips taken from

Troshinsky describes Loop Raccord (pictured) as "a game about manipulating a chain of video clips in order to achieve a continuous movement". He says this is the first of a planned series of "Recycling Games" releases, which will include projects that rely on pre-existing audiovisial material.

There's also Teijo Mursu's slick on-rails racer Nend, Martin Gonzalez's untitled platformer in which you build the stage, Manuel Van Dyck's procedurally generated arena shooter Corruption, Pedro Sousa's soothing space exploration game Planet, and many others.