Toronto's all-night arts festival Scotiabank Nuit Blanche will host The Arcadian Renaissance, an interactive installation featuring "six vintage arcade consoles that have been modified to play games by local developers", on October 2nd at the TIFF Bell Lightbox atrium (headquarters of the Toronto International Film Festival).

Local indie games advocacy group The Hand Eye Society partnered with Scotiabank Nuit Blanche's organizers for the arcade event, and plans to bring its Torontron machine to the show, as well as five additional "Torontron-style cabinets" built especially for the festival.

For those unfamiliar with Torontron, it's a retrofitted arcade machine that plays Miguel Sternberg's Night of the Cephalopods, Jph Wacheski's lockOn 2, Rosemary Moscoe's Albacross, Jim McGinley's Mondrian Provoked, BananasInPajammers' Monster Puncher, and Team Entelechynt's Heavy Weather.

The Hand Eye Society says the featured games reflect Toronto's indie game scene and are "highly accessible yet artistically sophisticated — and fast enough to play so that everyone gets a turn." At midnight, The Arcadian Renaissance will also host a tournament for Mark “Messhof” Essen's swordfighting game Nidhogg.

"This is an amazing time for Toronto’s gaming community, not just as far as business is concerned, but culturally as well,” says project coordinator Jim Munroe. "Developers with artistic or experimental aspirations can create games that will be enjoyed by the masses. That’s the idea behind The Arcadian Renaissance: that video games can bridge the gap between high art and populist entertainment."