Though the game debuted nearly 20 years ago and has received many sequels/spin-offs since, Street Fighter II still has a lot of fans, as evidenced by the combo/match videos and tournaments that still pop up for the title.

If you're one of those devotees still tinkering around with Street Fighter II, or if you just want an explanation for those strange glitches you remember seeing in the game back in the day, you should definitely check out ComboVid's new Glitch Handbook: Street Fighter II Arcade page.

The online resource offers screenshots, videos, and directions for pulling off different glitches in the fighting game, like the Red Hadouken (which Capcom eventually allowed players to execute on command), the Float Glitch, Guile's "Handcuffs", Invisible Dhalsim (pre-Yoga Teleport, video above), and more.

ComboVid says this is just the first of what will be "a series of comprehensive resource articles concisely documenting fighting game glitches", so look forward to more of these!

[Via @Fighters_Gen]