Video game scorekeepers Twin Galaxies International announced that teacher/movie star/gospel musician Steve Wiebe has reclaimed the Donkey Kong record he last held in 2007 (which King of Kong rival Billy Mitchell snatched after a few months) by reaching a top score of 1,064,500 in Nintendo's classic arcade game.

Donkey Kong's World Record has changed hands three times this year, with newcomer and plastic surgeon Hank Chien taking the record from Mitchell last March with a score of 1,061,700 points, Mitchell breaking the record again in July with a score of 1,062,800 points, and Wiebe now back on top.

Wiebe taped his record-breaking playthrough on August 30th, the last day before he returned to teach algebra at Finn Hill Junior High. He played as much as he could during the summer, as he says it's difficult to find time to make a run for the Donkey Kong high score during the school year.

The new Donkey Kong world record holder described the experience:

"Much like previous times when I've broken a video game record, it seemed surreal that all the time and effort I put into the game had finally paid off. I started playing in the morning and didn't have much luck, so I took a break and ran some errands with my kids.

I came back a few hours later and had to restart about five times before I hit the record game. I played at a pace that I knew would just be enough to break the record, so coming down to the final rivet screen, I knew it was going to be close.

I think many people had written me off since I had come up short at so many live record attempts, and I understand that. But, I always believed that I could still do it and so did a lot of people who supported me.

Looking back, I would say that if the record came too easy, then it wouldn't mean so much right now, so I'm glad I went through the struggles I did. It makes it that much sweeter."