Echoing the years-old sentiment brought up by resentful musicians and Guitar Hero/Rock Band haters about how "people should play music on real instruments, not video game music on instrument controllers", guitar company Sparrow takes a jab at gamers with this new print ad.

Sparrow hints at its annoyance with music games in the About section of its website, too:

"Time has not been kind to the electric guitar. Once a dangerous and revered tool in rock 'n' roll's arsenal, the mighty battle axe and amplified phallic symbol has been castrated over the years--smashed to pieces and set on fire by its wielders, all but ignored in hip hop circles and rendered obsolete by the World Air Guitar Championships and video games like Guitar Hero."

So, the company teamed up with ad agency Rethink for this campaign, recalling Grunge legend Kurt Cobain to remind people that "Teen Spirit Doesn't Smell Like Five Plastic Buttons" (actually, it doesn't smell like a guitar at all, according to these Sweet Strawberry and Pink Crush deodorant fragrances).

In addition to its unsubtle characterization of gamers as slobs who play Guitar Hero and watch TV on the couch all day with potato chip crumbs and half-eaten pizza slices around them, the ad reads, "Stop playing games. Start playing guitar."

[Via The Daily What]