While Halfbrick's Age of Zombies is jumping from Playstation Minis to iOS devices, Bulkpix/Pastagames' retro-themed platformer Pix'N Love Rush is leaping the opposite way from iPhone to Minis, courtesy of publisher Sanuk Games.

Pix'N Love Rush is similar to Pastagames' Xbox Live Indie Games collaboration with Arkedo Studio, 03 Pixel!, featuring the same visual style and feline hero, but the platformer is broken up into five-minute sessions and 125 randomly assorted levels.

The game offers seven different "skins", each themed after vintage gaming consoles like Virtual Boy and Game Boy, which players can unlock as rewards. It also has an infinite mode and likely other features from the App Store version (video above) like leaderboards and achievements.

Sanuk plans to announce a release date and pricing for Pix'N Love Rush soon.