Sony Computer Entertainment America will launch a new Imports service for its PlayStation Store next week, which will offer previously Japan-only titles like Cho Aniki and Gaia Seed.

The company expects to debut the imports shop, which will consist of PSOne Classics, with its September 21st update. The Japanese titles will not feature English translations or localized elements, and will instead be presented in their "pure, unadulterated form."

Newly established firm MonkeyPaw Games, which is publishing Cho Aniki and Gaia Seed (as well as other future import games), says it's focusing on bringing over "titles that are easy to navigate" to accommodate non-Japanese players.

"You may wonder why some of the great Japanese titles you hear about in the press never make it to Western markets," explains Monkeypaw president John Greiner. "There are numerous reasons, but the biggest is translation."

Greiner continues, "A lot of cost goes into translation thus profitability becomes tenuous for many titles. Remove that barrier and a world of Japanese wonder comes rushing to your screen."

The studio describes Cho Aniki, Pre-Stage's PS1 shoot'em-up that debuted in 1995, as a title considered "just too weird for publishers to gamble on," what with its homoerotic themes and strange digitized characters/scenes.

Techno Soleil's Gaia Seed, initially released for PS1 in 1996, is a more traditional horizontal shoot'em up, notable for its recharging health bar and offbeat but fetching techno soundtrack. Import copies of the game sometimes sell for hundreds at auction.

"We reckon there’s a pretty good appetite for these classics and we’ve priced them at a reduced rate to keep your impulsive curiosity piqued," adds Greiner. Gamers will be able to purchase both import games for $5.99 each.