Spanish indie developer Over The Top Games has released NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, its exceptional Kid Icarus-inspired platformer originally released for WiiWare in August 2009, to PC and Mac -- you can download it right now for $9.99 from Steam or the developer's website.

Set in Ancient Greece, the game follows a winged girl named Nyx as she searches for her missing friend Icarus. She has several powers passed down to her from the gods, such as the ability to cast rays, modify scenery, and control winds. NyxQuest features 12 stages in all, each one filled with relics and physics-based puzzles.

The PC/Mac edition doesn't feature co-op multiplayer like NyxQuest's WiiWare release, but it does offer new graphics and visual effects, Steam achievements, and mouse/keyboard controls.

Windows and Mac players use the Mouse as the reticule, and the keyboard to control Nyx, and does not feature a 2 player mode.