While Nintendo of America and Seth Green are trying their best to make Dragon Quest just as popular in North America as it is in Japan by highlighting the Level-5 game's customization features, the company's UK branch is trying to attract an unexpected audience: moms.

Nintendo UK has ads targeting kids and girls hanging out at college campuses of course, but its latest commercial features a mother-of-two who was looking for more challenging experience than traditional casual titles and now likes to spend her spare hours playing the Japanese role-playing game.

The spot goes to great lengths associate Dragon Quest IX with more approachable titles the Professor Layton series (though it doesn't bring up the games outright), mentioning how you have to gather clues and "solve some sort of mystery" in each village.

It sounds like a crazy idea, but perhaps Nintendo UK will be able to reach that audience -- so far, it's managed to keep Dragon Quest IX in the country's top 20 software chart (individual formats) since its launch last July.