Simutronics Corp., which created and continues to maintain my favorite MUD of all time (Gemstone III/IV), is currently working on something that seems like the complete opposite of the hardcore and wayyyy nerdy MUD genre: a social game for Facebook.

Fantasy University isn't meant to eschew Simutronics' traditional fanbase, though, as the game seeks to put "a new spin on the old-school MMOG with a 'social adventure' filled with grown-up humor and a plethora of pop-culture references."

GameLife describes the parody RPG as "like Mad Magazine's take on the fantasy videogame," mixing references to H.P. Lovecraft with LOLcat while featuring caricatures of celebrities like Johnny Depp and Billy Mays.

And underneath the game's whimsical tone and cartoonish visuals (black and white sketch stye by Lackadaisy's Tracy Butler), Fantasy University offers a lot of features that hardcore gamers will appreciate, like weapon-crafting, guild quests, and more.

Fantasy Universe is currently in its closed beta phase and will release to the public later this month.