Last month, we featured a collection of works created for a Katamari Damacy-themed art show hosted by Portland's Floating World Comics. It was great to see so many artists' interpretations for the offbeat game, but it was also meant to raise money for Join PDX, a local non-profit looking to "support the efforts of homeless individuals and families to transition out of homelessness into permanent housing".

Though show is now over, you can see and even buy a lot of the Katamary Damacy artwork online. Floating World has posted auctions for dozens of original art and one-of-a-kind archival prints with a starting price of just $9.99 -- a lot of them are still very cheap due to the low number of bids, and many of the auctions close as soon as tomorrow.

Again, I've picked out a bunch of the Katamary Damacy I liked to feature here (artwork at the top of the post is by Rikki Barney). You can click the images to place a bid on that particular artwork:

Jim Rugg:

Alex Puvilland:

Kate Elizabeth:

Luke Ramsey:

Sam McKenzie

Byron Eggenschwiler:

Jason Fischer: